2nd Prize at the 9th International Generace Composition Competition, Ostrava - Collapse. Concerto for percussion and ensemble

Institute of Music and Dance/Ministry of Culture and National Heritage commission - haecceitas for piano, percussion, tape and live electronics


The Diamond Grant - awarded by Polish Deputy Prime Minister Jarosław Gowin for the research on the microtonal music

The 33rd Warsaw Music Encounters festival commission - mamihlapinatapai for harp, yaybahar and percussion

2nd prize at OSKArec National Recording Competition - cat. I (sound for audiovisual media)


Bronze Award at the 144th Audio Engineering Society Convention Recording Competition, Milan - Circle (Chris DuPont remix)

Kinemo Festival commission, Minsk - Das Weib Des Pharao for piano, cello and soprano saxophone/bassoon (new music for the Ernst Lubitsch movie)

Audio Engineering Society British Section Award, Leeds - for the project "The Chopin Trail"


1st place at the 4th International Solfeggio Competition, Ljubljana

Honorary Mention at the 1st National Józef Patkowski Composer Competition, Kraków - L'esprit de l'escalier for quadraphonic tape

Finalist at the Independent Students' Association competition "Student Nobel Prize", Warsaw


1st place at the 1st National Interacademic Competition of the Musical Hearing Abilities, Gdańsk


Zlata plaketa (golden plaque) at the 3rd International Solfeggio Competition, Ljubljana