haecceitas for piano, percussion, tape and live electronics

toil for harmonica and orchestra

parallax for string quartet

métensomatose for four percussionists


Stelliferous Symphony

komorebi for the symphonic orchestra

vellichor for piano and live electronics

Astaga for soprano and the symphonic orchestra


Astagfirullah for soprano and the symphonic orchestra

Collapse. Concerto for percussion and ensemble

pluviophilia for marimba and piano

Imminentia for an unspecified ensemble

the cold heaven for 14 performers

mamihlapinatapai for harp, yaybahar and percussion

缘分 (yuanfen) for the sino-european ensemble

l'appel du vide for violin and piano

FSTRCLCK! for the symphony orchestra

nine years of sorrow for piano and live electronics


midnattssol for 33 performers

1st Piano Sonata “Attila and Leon”

Das Weib Des Pharao – trio for piano, cello and woodwinds (new score for the Ernst Lubitsch movie)

Ἀσπὶς Ἡρακλέους for 6 male voices and 4 percussionists

alimpungat for the symphonic orchestra

Polska Madonna (Polish Madonna) (orchestral arrangement)

…krew jest święta (…blood is sacred) for soprano solo, female choir and chamber orchestra

Blockchain Music for piano and algorithm


List z Singapuru (A Letter From Singapore) for soprano and piano

Piano Quintet

L’esprit de l’escalier for quadraphonic tape (honorary mention in the 1st National Józef Patkowski Composer Competition in Kraków)

Konstatacje (Ascertainments) for piano solo


Arabesque for flute, cello and double bass

Orphée Nouveau for tenor, mezzosoprano and chamber orchestra

Kyllikki for the 31-tone well-tempered instrument